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Bipolar Disorder is a hereditary mental illness that affects 1 in 1000 people.

Welcome to my fellow travelers of this road of life, and to all those who support them.  This site was borne from my desire to share my insight, knowledge and understanding to those who need it most... and to offer a virtual hand.

This illness devastates many lives, but not everyone is bound to fail.  Managing your illness is vital to living life as best as you can.  It's not always going to be perfect, but we have to accept that of ourselves, and those who support us must know the same thing. 

Not all of this illness is doom and gloom.  People with Bipolar are gifted people.  We are bright, intelligent, intuitive and creative creatures.  My psychiatrist jokes that people wish that they could experience hypomania so they could feel the energy that oozes from you.

Our illness is an integral part of our lives that we must come to accept.  We all have our monster within us, yet it is still part of us and we need to understand what we're supposed to do when it's around.  There are and have been many regrets from manic binges and indiscretion for all of us.  And here you are ready to learn. May my site touch your life, and thank you for trying to understand more about Bipolar Disorder. 

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